Brion Nuda Rosch
& Donald Walker

October 5 – October 27, 2019

A painted backdrop from a second-grade play, a stump with large leaves on top, there are seeds or fruit on the leaves, flowers on the ground, in the dirt, and a snake. A title for a painting, two actually. One painted on the front, the other on the verso.

Across the room, DADAMADADA. A simple table, drawings of heads, in profile. Again. Again. EHDEADA. A house. AAAAAAAAMAAAA. Repeat, Repeat.

In another work, a painting is attached to a motor, rotating at the same rhythm of your heart. Or the ocean, and the tides.

Brion Nuda Rosch lives and works in San Francisco, he has exhibited his work at Guerrero Gallery and Et al., San Francisco; Halsey McKay, New York; DCKT Contemporary, New York; ACME., Los Angeles; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; and The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Rosch was recently an artist-in-residence at UC Berkeley’s Ceramics Department. He was the recipient of the Artadia Award in 2009, and a SFMOMA SECA Finalist in 2011. Recent collaborations have included projects and programing with Adobe, SFMOMA, Liquitex, Facebook, Artadia, and Untitled Art Fair.

His work has been exhibited internationally and published in ArtForum, Dazed & Confused Magazine, Observer, California Home + Design, KQED, San Francisco Chronicle, Hyperallergic, Art Practical, San Francisco Magazine and the Huffington Post.

Donald Walker was an artist that, has been described by friend and mentor Joan Finton as someone who, “Never stopped drawing, ever. He would draw all day if he could, one after the other and he would leave them everywhere.” Finton met Walker when he was admitted to Church Lane Convalescent Hospital in the 1980’s where Finton taught art. After working together there for about a year, Finton championed Donald and his work and put him in touch with Bonnie Grossman at Ames Gallery in Berkeley, Ca which was well known for their dealings in Outsider Art. Ames even took Donald’s drawings the Outsider Art Fair.

After being discharged from Church Lane sometime in the late 80’s Finton lost track of Donald for several years only to rediscover him linked to a teacher at NIAD, a progressive art studio in Richmond Ca, dedicated to Artists with Disabilities. He worked at NIAD from the early 1990’s until he moved to Florida where he was believed to have passed away sometime in the early 2000’s.