Left Field
1036 Los Osos Valley Road
Los Osos, CA 93402

All Inquiries: leftfieldslo@gmail.com
Tel. (805) 305–9292

Owner/Director: Nick Wilkinson

Photographer: Elliot Johnson
Website/Archivist: Ben Sanders
Curator at Large: Ryan Travis Christian

Left Field is a contemporary art gallery located in Los Osos, a small town on the central coast of California, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Left Field Gallery started as a small satellite space attached to a shop of the same name in downtown San Luis Obispo. The shop sold an incredible variety of rare and unusual artifacts, art objects, succulents, and designer furniture. The gallery presents exhibitions with the primary goal of bringing to California’s central coast region contemporary art not otherwise seen here. In 2017, the Left Field shop closed, but the gallery remained open and continued to present exhibitions each month at the same location on Monterey Street in downtown San Luis Obispo.

In autumn of 2018, Left Field moved to a new location in neighboring Los Osos, a small coastal town just a few minutes outside of San Luis Obispo.

The gallery is directed by artist Nick Wilkinson. Wilkinson has lived and worked in San Luis Obispo since 2005, after relocating from San Diego. In addition to his painting practice and directing Left Field, Nick owns a nursery in Cambria called Grow, and a drought-tolerant landscape design firm called Botanica Nova. He studied painting and printmaking at San Diego State University and has shown work all over the country.